There are a lot of sanctioning bodies in drag racing and there are a lot of presidents in charge of those sanctioning bodies. Currently only one of those presidents has a competitive race car that is legal for racing within their own series. Good Guys’ major domo Marc Meadors and his brand new Pro Street/Pro Mod supercharged Camaro is the subject of this month’s Max Chevy car feature. Meadors has always been a racer as well as the president of the Goodguys Association. He's had a couple of race cars over the years and even made some laps in the old nitro-burning “Speed Sport” roadster “a couple” of years back. So it was fitting that when he decided to build a new car it would be a copy of an iconic muscle car, a big-block ‘69 Camaro. Meador’s didn’t build it at home, either. He turned to Tim McAmis who's Hawk Point, Missouri shops are turning out some of the finest Pro Mod cars available. Let’s be clear on one subject about this car. McAmis cars which are turnkey children aren’t cheap. This is a state-of-the-art Pro Mod/Pro Street car, a full-on race car that weighs-with a (gulp shudder) massive supercharged Hemi under the hood- just 2,450 pounds (2,700 with the driver). Perhaps a little heavy by some standards but still much lighter than the curb weight of a new big-block Camaro in ’69. “I had Tim use as many lightweight parts as he could in building this car,” said Meadors. “I know there are a lot of carbon fiber parts and some stuff that is made from 'unobtainium.'" For the Chevy faithful, the really great thing about this car is that McAmis’ crew really took the time and effort to build a car that honors the classic lines of a ’69 Camaro. Between some early engine woes and a job that requires his time at every Goodguys event, Marc hasn’t been able to really shake the Immaculata and get it race ready. But he is really champing at the bit to get in the Camaro and make a full pass, promising to have the car ready for the Goodguys races this summer.

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